Aims and Objectives

The INTASENSE project aims to develop an indoor air quality monitoring tool to support the efficient use of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings while maintaining a healthy working environment. In so doing, the health, quality of life and productivity of EU citizens will be improved 

Key INTASENSE Strategic Objectives

    • To develop a smart air quality monitoring system that can intelligently interface with existing ventilation and air treatment systems to maximise their energy efficiency and effectiveness
    • To combine breakthroughs in micro and nano-scale detection to deliver a low cost advanced air quality sensing system to monitor key airborne pollutants
    • To improve substantially the health, quality of life and productivity of EU citizens by providing a comprehensive air quality monitoring capability to transform air quality control

Principal INTASENSE Technical Objectives
  • To develop a particulate matter detector based upon a miniaturised electric field particle sensor that is uniquely capable of detecting a range of particulates to better than 5 ?g/m3
  • To develop a combustion gas and VOC detector module comprising advanced structured sensors capable of detecting a range of gaseous pollutants to better than 1ppm
  • To produce a smart miniaturised high performance sampling and pre-conditioning support platform for use with gas sensors and particle detector
  • To develop a wireless sensor network system allowing effective incorporation into building HVAC control systems

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